Looking for Alaska – John Green’s Classic Coming-of-Age Novel

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Looking for Alaska
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Ed Gentle is a well established Birmingham, Alabama, attorney who serves as court neutral. Engaging as special master and administrator, he has facilitated several major mass tort settlements over the decades. An avid reader, Ed Gentle is currently working his way through the novels of John Green, from Paper Towns to Looking for Alaska.

Published in 2005, the latter novel cleverly bridges genres and features a protagonist Miles Halter who finds meaning in the deathbed sayings of famous figures. Leaving home to attend boarding school, Miles is in search of the Great Perhaps, a deathbed term that poet Francois Rabelais used for what might follow life. He is soon joined in this quest by Alaska Young and his roommate Takumi, as the narrative portrays the passion and anxiety of high school life, as well as its small triumphs.

Critically acclaimed upon publication, Looking for Alaska earned the American Library Association’s Michael L. Printz Award. Among the other novels that Edgar Gentle recently read was Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.


John Green’s Alter Ego as a Vlogger

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John Green
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Edgar Gentle is a partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton & Harbison, LLC, a firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. During his free time, Edgar Gentle enjoys reading books and has recently taken interest in the novels of John Green.

John Green’s popularity lies mostly on his work as an author. His most famous novel, The Fault in Our Stars, has already been made into a major motion picture. It has become a social media phenomenon, with fans posting their favorite quotes from the novel on microblogging sites such as Tumblr. This holds true even for his earlier novels, including Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.

However, John Green has an alter ego which his avid fans might know about. Apart from being an author, John Green is a Youtube vlogger (video blogger), and forms one-half of the Vlogbrothers, a project he initiated with his brother, Hank Green. It first started as a challenge: for the brothers to communicate via Youtube for an entire year. As time passed, their following grew immensely, prompting them to continue even after one year was finished.

John Green’s vlogs cover a vast range of topics. At times, the channel serves as a personal journal, yet in other vlogs he tries to fit as many terrible jokes in just three minutes. Regardless of the topic, John Green’s Youtube videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans who collectively are known as Nerdfighteria.