A Look at Some of the Best Bass Fishing Spots in Alabama

Lake Guntersville pic
Lake Guntersville
Image: fishinglakeguntersville.com

An experienced attorney, Edgar Gentle devotes much of his free time to bass fishing. Edgar Gentle splits his time between two lake houses in Alabama and participates in about a dozen bass tournaments annually.

Alabama is home to a number of great spots for bass fishing, including Lake Guntersville, which has earned a worldwide reputation as a great place for big bass. Another great spot is Pickwick Lake, which has 490 miles of shoreline where anglers can catch smallmouth bass. Lay Lake, located close to Birmingham, is a popular option for both spotted and largemouth bass.

Alabama natives often travel to Lake Eufaula on the Chattahoochee River. Lake Eufaula produces some of the biggest largemouth bass in the state.

In September, Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River tends to have large numbers of smallmouth and largemouth bass along its 154 miles of shoreline. Some other popular choices for bass fishing include Wheeler Lake, which has both largemouth and smallmouth bass; Logan Martin Lake, which has largemouth and spotted bass; and Weiss Lake, which has both largemouth and striped bass.


Bass Fishing Myths

Bass Fishing pic
Bass Fishing
Image: fishing.about.com

Edgar Gentle serves as an attorney and partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton, and Harbison, LLC, in Alabama, where he practices mass tort law. In his leisure time, Edgar Gentle is an avid bass fisherman.

Bass fishing is a wonderful leisure activity, but unfortunately there are certain myths and misconceptions that can keep people away from the sport. Here are two of the most common myths about bass fishing.

Big boat manufacturers will tell you that you need the largest, most expensive watercraft in order to be an efficient bass fisherman. The truth, however, is that the best anglers tend to use smaller craft. They are better equipped to handle shallow and smaller streams where the largest bass tend to congregate. Larger craft can’t get into the shallow areas, and areas with downed timber or heavy vegetation are all but unnavigable for huge bass boats.

Also, bait manufacturers have perpetuated the myth that bass strike at red hooks more frequently because they resemble the color of blood. That’s why there’s a craze surrounding every sort of bait and tackle in red. While research indicates that bass can detect the color red, there is no data at all that suggests these fish are more attracted to the color.

The Must-See Outdoor Attractions in Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock pic
Bell Rock
Image: tripadvisor.com

Edgar Gentle serves as a partner with Gentle, Turner, Sexton and Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of work, Edgar Gentle enjoys traveling, especially to the unique landscapes of the Southwest. One of is favorite destinations is Sedona, Arizona, which is known for its beautiful orange, rocky topography.

One of the biggest attractions in Sedona is Bell Rock, named for its unique shape. Individuals can climb the rock if they would like, but the trek becomes quite strenuous toward the top.

While smaller than the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon also attracts a number of tourists with its 16 miles of red, yellow, and white rock. Hiking the canyon is a very rewarding experience, but individuals can also fish in the river with the right permits.

Visitors may also want to check out Red Rock State Park, which has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state. The stunning rock formations can consume hours of exploration and guided range tours give guests a more complete understanding of the geology and history of the area.

John Green’s Alter Ego as a Vlogger

John Green pic
John Green
Image: avgo.com

Edgar Gentle is a partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton & Harbison, LLC, a firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. During his free time, Edgar Gentle enjoys reading books and has recently taken interest in the novels of John Green.

John Green’s popularity lies mostly on his work as an author. His most famous novel, The Fault in Our Stars, has already been made into a major motion picture. It has become a social media phenomenon, with fans posting their favorite quotes from the novel on microblogging sites such as Tumblr. This holds true even for his earlier novels, including Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.

However, John Green has an alter ego which his avid fans might know about. Apart from being an author, John Green is a Youtube vlogger (video blogger), and forms one-half of the Vlogbrothers, a project he initiated with his brother, Hank Green. It first started as a challenge: for the brothers to communicate via Youtube for an entire year. As time passed, their following grew immensely, prompting them to continue even after one year was finished.

John Green’s vlogs cover a vast range of topics. At times, the channel serves as a personal journal, yet in other vlogs he tries to fit as many terrible jokes in just three minutes. Regardless of the topic, John Green’s Youtube videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans who collectively are known as Nerdfighteria.

Bass Fishing Tips

Bass Fishing pic
Bass Fishing
Image: fishing.com

The chairman of the board of Custom Cable Services, Inc., in Fultondale, Alabama, and an attorney and partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton, and Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Edgar Gentle practices mass tort law. During his leisure time, Edgar Gentle enjoys writing and bass fishing.

Among the most popular game fish in the country, largemouth bass are popular for their size and distinct appearance. Moreover, it is easier to catch bass than other species of fish. The following tips should prove useful for aspiring bass anglers:

1. Familiarity with the body of water one will be fishing in is ideal. With knowledge of underwater structures, drop-offs, and various depths, one can determine where bass are likely to seek shelter. A map makes all of this possible.

2. The best time to fish may be immediately before inclement weather, when pre-spawn bass are at their heaviest.

3. One should consider lures carefully. For example, bass enjoy wounded or teasing prey, so noise-making lures tend to attract their attention quickly. Retrieving a lure with a pop, pausing after a few moments, then letting it go steady also gives the impression of injured bait and a potentially easy meal.

The Academy of Court Appointed Masters

Academy of Court Appointed Masters pic
Academy of Court Appointed Masters
Image: courtappointedmasters.org

A partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton, and Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama, Edgar Gentle also serves as director at Custom Cable Services, Inc. Moreover, Edgar Gentle is an experienced mass tort attorney and speaker and a member of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM).

Established in 2004, the Academy of Court Appointed Masters is dedicated to encouraging the effective use of special masters in state and federal court cases when necessary to help parties, their lawyers, and the courts. Comprised entirely of special masters, including court monitors, judicial referees, and court adjuncts, ACAM offers its members the opportunity to network and share ideas at its annual meetings and to attend continuing legal education webinars. ACAM welcomes the membership of any former judge or attorney who has served as a special master in a state or federal court case.

A key resource that ACAM makes available is the ACAM Benchbook, which is free and includes information on federal and state master rules and authorities. It also features sample appointment orders for various situations, along with a checklist.

PCBs, Pollution, and Legal Liability

Polychlorinated Biphenyls pic
Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Image: greenfacts.org

Ed Gentle serves as an attorney and founding partner with a Birmingham, Alabama, law firm. Well-versed in mass tort litigation and settlement administration, Ed Gentle administered a $300 million settlement for a major polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) pollution case in Anniston, Alabama.

PCBs are a class of chemicals that were used for industrial purposes in the United States from 1929 to 1979. They have a variety of useful properties, including functioning as electrical insulators and exhibiting a high degree of stability. Unfortunately, scientists discovered PCBs are extremely toxic to humans in that they damage the immune system and are carcinogenic.

Due to their harmful effects and the fact that they were employed so extensively in the United States, companies that used PCBs face liability and often enter into settlements with the intention of funding or partially funding the environmental cleanup of contaminated sites. In Anniston, for example, thousands of claimants settled with the Monsanto Company and other corporations to the tune of $300 million to address PCB pollution and the property damage caused by it.

More recently, the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, settled with the AVX Corporation and Cornell-Dubilier Electronics for more than $8 million to remediate a site polluted by PCBs.