Understanding Class Action Lawsuits and Mass Torts

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Class Action Lawsuits and Mass Torts
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Birmingham, Alabama, attorney Edgar “Ed” Gentle has held appointed positions in a variety of multi-district litigation cases, including the MDL Blue Cross Antitrust Litigation (MDL 2406). A thought leader in his field, Ed Gentle has presented on a number of mass tort topics, from the administration of local settlements to strategies of selecting lead counsel.

Mass torts are related to class action lawsuits, which involve a group of people affected by a common issue, from vehicle safety defects to customer over-billing. Through consolidating a wide range of claims into a single claim, what would otherwise be a raft of similar cases are efficiently handled within a unified court process. Class action suits usually arise when the circumstance or injury-related compensation is not worth the expense and time of hiring an individual attorney for each plaintiff.

The mass torts handled by Edgar Gentle encompass class actions and a variety of additional legal situations. The most common type of mass tort involves consumers who have been harmed by defective drugs or products on a large scale. These cases tend to be complex and don’t follow a predictable, standardized procedure in court of law, due to the sheer number of claims and factors involved.