Tips for Catfish Noodling Beginners

Catfish Noodling pic

Catfish Noodling

Edgar Gentle works as an attorney and partner with Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison, LLC, a legal services firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. In his free time, Edgar Gentle enjoys getting outdoors and noodling for catfish.

Catfish noodling goes by many names, including tickling, stumping, and hand-fishing. Whatever the nomenclature, noodling for catfish involves getting down into the catfish’s muddy habitat and drawing it out with one’s bare hands. In contrast to traditional fishing, not much is needed to begin catfish noodling. The main requirements are a strong grip, tight clothing that won’t snag or impede movement underwater, and first-aid materials in case of a scrape or bump underwater.

Also, before you make your first noodling trip, make sure it’s defined as a legal practice in your state, and if at all possible, begin noodling during spring and the first part of the summer, as this is spawning season and catfish be fairly easily found while protecting their eggs.