The Academy of Court Appointed Masters

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Academy of Court Appointed Masters

Attorney Edgar Gentle is a partner at the office of Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison in Birmingham, Alabama. As a special master, Edgar Gentle often serves as a neutral for courts. He is also a member of the national Academy of Court Appointed Masters.

The Academy of Court Appointed Masters is a group of the legal profession’s most talented and experienced authorities. All of the Academy’s members have served as special masters in court, and many have presided over state and federal courts s well. Together, they work to improve the legal profession and expand the use of masters in litigation.

Among its many accomplishments, the Academy created a Benchbook to help judges and attorneys utilize special masters most effectively. It explains the differences between and specialized uses of different types of masters, and provides guidelines for deciding when it is appropriate to call upon a master. The Benchbook also addresses ethical and practical issues that may arise within work with a court appointed master.

The Academy’s invaluable Benchbook is available free of charge online at: