A Look at Some of the Best Bass Fishing Spots in Alabama

Lake Guntersville pic

Lake Guntersville
Image: fishinglakeguntersville.com

An experienced attorney, Edgar Gentle devotes much of his free time to bass fishing. Edgar Gentle splits his time between two lake houses in Alabama and participates in about a dozen bass tournaments annually.

Alabama is home to a number of great spots for bass fishing, including Lake Guntersville, which has earned a worldwide reputation as a great place for big bass. Another great spot is Pickwick Lake, which has 490 miles of shoreline where anglers can catch smallmouth bass. Lay Lake, located close to Birmingham, is a popular option for both spotted and largemouth bass.

Alabama natives often travel to Lake Eufaula on the Chattahoochee River. Lake Eufaula produces some of the biggest largemouth bass in the state.

In September, Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River tends to have large numbers of smallmouth and largemouth bass along its 154 miles of shoreline. Some other popular choices for bass fishing include Wheeler Lake, which has both largemouth and smallmouth bass; Logan Martin Lake, which has largemouth and spotted bass; and Weiss Lake, which has both largemouth and striped bass.