Bass Fishing Tips

Bass Fishing pic

Bass Fishing

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Among the most popular game fish in the country, largemouth bass are popular for their size and distinct appearance. Moreover, it is easier to catch bass than other species of fish. The following tips should prove useful for aspiring bass anglers:

1. Familiarity with the body of water one will be fishing in is ideal. With knowledge of underwater structures, drop-offs, and various depths, one can determine where bass are likely to seek shelter. A map makes all of this possible.

2. The best time to fish may be immediately before inclement weather, when pre-spawn bass are at their heaviest.

3. One should consider lures carefully. For example, bass enjoy wounded or teasing prey, so noise-making lures tend to attract their attention quickly. Retrieving a lure with a pop, pausing after a few moments, then letting it go steady also gives the impression of injured bait and a potentially easy meal.