Differences Between Mass Tort and Class Action

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As partner in the law firm of Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama, Ed Gentle is an attorney with many years of experience. The firm represents individuals and businesses as well as government agencies. Among the main matters that attorneys like Ed Gentle handle are litigation and mediation for mass tort/class action cases. along with the settlement administration related to them.

The terms mass tort and class action may sound familiar, but what’s the difference between the two? A class action suit is filed when there are numerous people who share a similar adverse event. The reasons could span from defective products to mistreatment by a company. One reason class actions are filed is to relieve the court of the burden of dealing with each claim individually, instead linking them together because of the similar issues involved.

Mass torts, on the other hand, are handled differently from class action suits. While both involve numerous people with similar complaints, mass torts are more complicated and can take longer to litigate. Mass torts are generally filed for cases where there may be a range of complaints, with plaintiffs suffering different impacts. And because of the complexity of these cases, compensations are often more difficult to ascertain.