Pond Mountain Tales

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Birmingham, Alabama, attorney Ed Gentle serves as a partner with Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, LLC. Outside of his legal work, Ed Gentle pursues a range of hobbies, including creative writing. He has recently published a book of his short stories and poetry with Xlibris Press entitled Pond Mountain Tales.

Containing poems, stories, and vignettes that relate to the eleven years that the author spent living on a 200-acre farm, the writing in Pond Mountain Tales deals with relationships between people and nature. For example, the piece “Rattler Truce” is about the shaky coexistence of copperhead rattlesnakes and people on the farm and the author’s ultimate decision to not bother the snakes on his property.

Fishing themes also run through Pond Mountain Tales. For instance, the short story “The Pipe I” is set at a fishing tournament the author participated in. The story is about a specific fishing incident and includes both “official” and “unofficial” accounts of what happened. The author also examines the larger philosophical issues of why fishing and fishing tournaments have such an appeal to humans.