Alabama Law Review Article Gains National Attention

Alabama Law Review, pic
Alabama Law Review,

For nearly three decades, Edgar “Ed” Gentle has served as an attorney, special master, and settlement administrator. To prepare for his career, Ed Gentle earned a law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law.

Founded nearly 150 years ago, Alabama Law has trained thousands of leaders in the nation’s political, business, and legal worlds. Featuring a student-friendly environment, the school boasts an impressive student-to-faculty ratio and a diverse student body that participates in six different clinical programs. Additionally, the school’s distinguished scholarly journal, the Alabama Law Review, has earned a reputation for its quality and rigor.

In 2018, the review has added to this reputation through articles that have been picked up by national media and become topics of international discussion. The most recent of these articles, authored by law professors Rebecca Roiphe and Bruce A. Green, explores the complicated and sometimes fraught relationship between the Department of Justice and the office of the President of the United States.

Though the timely article is still in the pre-publication stage, national media outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have already highlighted the piece, while a Reuters reporter called it one of the finest overviews on the subject available. The article will appear in Volume 70 of the review, due in the Fall of 2018.


The Rhodes Scholarship


Rhodes Scholarship pic
Rhodes Scholarship

Edgar (Ed) Gentle, is an Alabama attorney and director of Custom Cable Services in Fultondale. Ed Gentle attended the prestigious Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, a competitive designation for exceptional American students interested in attending the British university.

The Rhodes Scholarship was established in 1902 and stands as the oldest international fellowship program in the world. Accepting 32 American students annually, the program usually finds at least one from a school that has not yet supplied a successful applicant. Those who attend Oxford as Rhodes Scholars emerge well-equipped for any career in which they are interested.

Exceptional grades are not enough for designation as a Rhodes Scholar. The selection process assesses the character and mindset of the applicant and seeks students with empathy and integrity who are capable of being leaders in their fields. A resident of any American land or territory is eligible to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship.

John Green’s Newest Book Examines Mental Illness


Turtles All the Way Down pic
Turtles All the Way Down

Alabama-based attorney Edgar (Ed) Gentle, managing partner at Gentle, Turner, Sexton & Harbison, LLC, has extensive experience working for the courts as a special master and settlement administrator in mass tort litigation. An avid reader and published author, Ed Gentle enjoys reading books by John Green, who recently released Turtles All the Way Down following a five year hiatus.

John Green is the bestselling author of books such as Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson, and The Fault in Our Stars. His works, which frequently center on the friendships and struggles of adolescents, have struck a chord with young adult readers who resonate with his realistic and often complex characters.

Turtles All the Way Down features 16-year-old Aza and her best friend Daisy, who are on a quest to find clues regarding the whereabouts of a billionaire who is accused of bribery and fraud. At first glance, the billionaire might be named the antagonist of the story. However, as readers begin to discover Aza’s inner struggles, they find that the real battle lies within the teen’s own mind as she struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder and severe anxiety.

Most of Green’s books examine significant struggles with a healthy dose of humor. While Turtles All the Way Down incorporates comedic exchanges, readers are struck by the raw emotions that Aza experiences as her obsessive and anxious thoughts spiral out of control. Drawing on his own experiences with mental illness, Green paints a realistic picture of the wars victims of mental illness wage when symptoms are triggered. Though much of the battle takes place within her own mind, Green also explores the effects of Aza’s condition on her closest friends.

Heartbreaking, raw, and real, Turtles All the Way Down examines themes such as friendship, resilience, loyalty, and love.

Labrador Retrievers Continue to Rank as No. 1 Dog in the U.S.


Labrador Retrievers pic
Labrador Retrievers

Edgar (“Ed”) Gentle is an attorney and a partner at Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama, and chairman of the Board of Custom Cable Services, Inc., in Fultondale. An avid outdoorsman, Ed Gentle enjoys spending his free time fishing and training his dog, a chocolate Labrador.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the honor of most popular dog breed in the United States belongs to the Labrador retriever. When the AKC announced its 2016 list in early 2017, the Labrador ranked No. 1 for the 26th consecutive year. Golden retrievers were not far behind, ranking third behind only Labradors and German shepherds.

The 2016 list saw little movement among the nation’s most popular breeds, with poodles moving from No. 8 to No. 7 and Rottweilers climbing from No. 9 in 2015 to No. 8. The Yorkshire terrier, meanwhile, dropped from No. 7 to No. 9. The remainder of the top 10 stayed the same, most notably the French bulldog, which has solidified itself as the nation’s sixth most popular breed of dog after climbing up from outside the top 10 in 2013.

Top Lures for Bass Fishing

Bass Fishingpic
Bass Fishing

For more than 30 years, Edgar “Ed” Gentle has practiced law in Alabama. He serves as a partner and attorney at Gentle, Turner, Sexton & Harbison, LLC, and primarily works in the courts as a neutral settlement administrator and special master. Outside of work, Ed Gentle is an avid bass fisherman and participates in about a dozen tournaments each year.

Following are some of the best lures for bass fishing:

Spinnerbait: These classic lures are capable of covering a lot of water while attracting bass. Part of a spinnerbait’s success lies with the commotion it causes. Bass can hear, feel, and see the movement of the lure and the reflection on it, thus drawing them toward it.

Jig: Capable of catching bass throughout the year, jigs are extremely versatile lures. They draw in bass among wood, grass, rocks, and open water, and can be dragged to the bottom of the lake or left just below the surface.

Plastic worm: Although plastic worms aren’t as complicated as some other lures, they remain one of the best for catching bass. Plastic worms move in a lifelike manner and feel like natural food when bass clamp down on them.

Crankbait: Similar to spinnerbait, crankbaits can cover a large area in a short time. Available in varying sizes and shapes, these lures require fishers to evaluate the area and depth of water they are fishing in order to be successful.

An Early Look at Auburn’s 2018 Defense Recruiting Class

Auburn University Tigers pic
Auburn University Tigers

Edgar “Ed” Gentle is an Alabama-based attorney who also serves as director and chairman of the board of Custom Cable Services. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ed Gentle is a passionate fan of the Auburn University Tigers football team.

The Tigers are well into the 2017 college football season, but that hasn’t stopped the team’s coaches from preparing for the future. Several of the country’s top high school athletes have already committed to playing for the Tigers next season, including seven players on the defensive side of the ball. On the defensive line, the school received a commitment from four-star defensive tackle Coynis Miller, who chose Auburn over Florida and Alabama. The school’s other commit on the defensive line is Daquan Newkirk, who originally declared his intentions to play for Auburn in 2016, but failed to meet the academic requirements.

The Tigers will lose three senior safeties following the 2017 season, so the team has been heavily recruiting at that position. It has already received commitments from four players, including four-star recruit Quindarious Monday, who some pundits believe could be the team’s most important freshman in 2018. Another major recruit is four-star linebacker Michael Harris, who received offers from 20 different schools.

Enduring Short Story Collections

Pond Mountain Tales pic
Pond Mountain Tales

Edgar “Ed” Gentle has worked as attorney in Alabama for the last 25 years. An avid reader of both modern and classic fiction, Ed Gentle is also a published author, having composed the short story collection “Pond Mountain Tales“.

Countless short story collections have gone on to enjoy both critical and commercial success. Raymond Carver has long been lauded as a master of short fiction, most notably for his 1976 collection, “Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?”. Stories from the collection, such as “Fat” and “Are You a Doctor?” endure in English literature classes more than four decades later. During the release of the collection, critics of the day even shortlisted the collection for the National Book Award.

More recently, author George Saunders established himself as one of the most respected modern short story writers. Saunders enjoyed considerable critical acclaim for early collections, such as “Pastoralia” and “CivilWarLand in Bad Decline”, while his 2013 book “Tenth of December” was heralded by both The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly. The Times went so far as to call the collection the year’s best book.

Other popular and important collections of short fiction include “Runaway” by Alice Munro, “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri, and “The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor”.